The Missing Link

We are an international organization that has been in business for 27 years. We deliver a series of educational workshops that have been specifically designed to support us with our personal and professional development. Workshops are available on line from the comfort of your home or office or you can attend in person retreats.

The founder and CEO of our company Laurie Davis discovered a long time ago how the our self worth is attached to every decision we make. Most of us by the time we finish high school have very little of our self worth in tact. She has dedicated the last 27 years to developing, testing, marketing, selling and delivering of our product line.

Our line up of products, workshops and services support our clients in regaining their self worth, restoring self confidence and building effective communication skills. When you are ready to move forward in life we have the tools and techniques to share with you to make that journey run more smoothly. 

We have opportunites here for young children, teens and adults of all ages, cultures, backgrounds etc. Come join us today for the greatest study of a lifetime the study of self.

We also have a home based independent business opportunity for those who would like to share the message of self worth from wherever you live on the planet.